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Google Chrome is a Google’s web browser which utilizes application framework and WebKit layout engine. It was first launched on 2nd September 2008 as a beta version for Microsoft Windows and on 11 December 2008 as a public stable release. Google Chrome derived its name from the ‘chrome’ of web browsers that is the graphical user interface frame. As reported on 1 December 2009, Chrome was No. 4 in the list of most widely used browsers and holds 3.9% share of worldwide usage of web browsers. In June 2009, Chrome’s development versions for Linux and Mac OS X were released.


Chrome’s full source code was released by Google in September 2008 which also includes its V8 JavaScript engine and this whole open source project was named Chromium. Third-party developers took advantage of this move and studied the underlying source code which enabled them to port the browser to Linux and Mac OS X. A Google spokesperson also said that he hoped that other browsers would adopt V8 engine to assist web applications. The Chromium’s Google-authored portion is released under the permission of BSD license which allowed both open source and proprietary software programs to incorporate portions. Remaining portions of the source code are subject to different number of open-source licenses. Except the automatic updates and Google branding, Chromium has the same set of features as Chrome and the logo is also little different.

The target for Google Chrome is to improve speed, security and stability. Chrome’s minimalist user interface, which is not seen in today’s modern web browsers, shows large differences from its competitors. Chrome’s strong points come in its JavaScript processing speed and its application performance which were verified by various websites independently and it turns out to be the fastest among all the major browsers of its time. Many features which Chrome possesses were announced by other browser developers previously but they were first been implemented and released in public by Google. For example, the merging of search bar and the address bar (Omnibox) and the most striking graphical user interface innovation was a planned feature for Firefox and was announced by Mozilla in May 2008.