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Konqueror on Linux and UNIX

The Konqueror browser based on Unix is a part of the KDE project and is one of the major competitors in competition for market share on Unix-based systems against Mozilla browsers like Mozilla/SeaMonkey, Firefox, Galeon, Epiphany etc.) KHTML engine of Konqueror browser is an API for the desktop of KDE. Web-browsing functionalities based on KDE like Amarok which has a sidebar for Wikipedia which gives info about the now playing artist and derivative browsers also use KHTML.

The largest share in browser usage, as of July 2009, is possessed by Internet Explorer with Mozilla Firefox reaching the second position for most used web browsers. Apple’s Safari browser’s beta form was released in June 2007 for Windows. Then, in March 2008, Safari 3.1 was released by Apple and it was included as a pre-selected update in Apple’s Software update program. This move tripled the market share of Safari on Windows and it is now competing for the third position along with the Google Chrome and Opera web browsers. Google Chrome, Google’s own web browser got released on September 2, 2008 after adopting the technologies from both Mozilla’s open-source Firefox and Apple’s Safari along with others which include user interface very much like the latest Internet Explorer and some components of Safari.