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Mac OS X

Apple’s web browser, Safari for Mac OS X has currently the biggest usage share on Mac OS X. This web browser uses WebKit which is a derivative of KHTML engine. Some other Mac browsers like Shirira, iCab since 4.0, OmniWeb since 4.5 also use WebKit API and also many other different Macintosh programs use WebKit to add web-browsing functionality. Opera browser and Mozilla Firefox also have high usage share on Mac OS X.

Camino, a Mozilla-based Gecko browser used for Mac OS X, uses native Cocoa interface of Mac similar to Safari rather than XUL of Mozilla which is used by Firefox. Dave Hyatt had initially developed it after which Apple hired him to develop Safari for them.

iPhone Web Browser

Safari is the native web browser of iPhone, and it displays pages similar to its Windows and Mac counterpart. Web pages can be viewed in landscape or portrait mode and they also support automatic zooming by spreading apart or pinching together fingertips on the screen, or also by double-tapping images or text. The iPhone does not support both Flash and Java. As a result, the UK's Advertising Standards Authority decided that an advertisement which claimed that the iPhone could access "all parts of the internet" should be taken back in its current form, on the basis of false advertising. The iPhone supports SVG, HTML Canvas, CSS and Bonjour.

Safari’s iPhone OS-specific features include:

  • To save an image to the photo album, press it for 3 seconds.
  • Browsing in MDI-style (which includes with up to 8 pages open simultaneously, limited by cache storage).
  • Bookmarking links to important pages as "Web Clip" icons on the Home screen.
  • Opening of specially-crafted pages in full-screen mode.