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Nintendo Wii Emulation of opera does not support embeded wmv files - Compare to the New Nintendo DSi portable OPERA without flash.

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Embedded Devices

Opera Mini with its small footprint is one of the popular web browsers on mobile devices like most J2ME Java enabled internet connected smartphones and phones. The main competition for Opera Mobile used on smartphones is Netfront. Using Netfront's codebase, Sony build a mobile browser for their PSP. A web browser is also included in Sony's Playstation 3. PC Site Viewer, a web browser which is included in many Japanese cellular phones, is also Opera-based. Nintendo announced in February 2006 that it "will release an add-on card" with the Opera version for the Nintendo DS (Nintendo DS Browser). This DS browser was slow and lacking in Flash support and was largely criticized for it. Wii console also uses Opera as a web browser.

A webkit-based browser was also released by Nokia in 2005, which was given with each and every Symbian S60 platform-based smartphone.

Windows Mobile by default comes with Internet Explorer Mobile and competes with Netfront, Iris, Opera Mobile, and Mozilla's Minimo.

Apple's browser, Safari based on WebKit or KHTML, comes with iPod Touch and iPhone.

Google's open-source OS, Android for mobile devices, uses WebKit based browser.