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Palm Pre WebOS

It is WebKit-based webOS web browser and, thus, pages render similarly to other browsers based on WebKit such as the iPhone’s Safari browser, the Android’s Google Chrome browser, and the Nokia Web Browser for S60. The browser can be viewed in either portrait or landscape orientation, changed by rotating the device. Some particular features of the web browser include the power to play .pls file types without any need for an additional extra application. On February 16, 2009, Adobe announced that a version of Adobe Flash Player for webOS will be developed by it.

More WebKit

Apple’s web browser, Safari for Mac OS X has currently the biggest usage share on Mac OS X. This web browser uses WebKit which is a derivative of KHTML engine. Some other Mac browsers like Shirira, iCab since 4.0, OmniWeb since 4.5 also use WebKit API and also many other different Macintosh programs use WebKit to add web-browsing functionality. Opera browser and Mozilla Firefox also have high usage share on Mac OS X.

A webkit-based browser was also released by Nokia in 2005, which was given with each and every Symbian S60 platform-based smartphone.

Apple's browser, Safari based on WebKit or KHTML, comes with iPod Touch and iPhone.