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Wii uses the Internet Channel, a version of the Opera 9 web browser by Nintendo and Opera Software. Nintendo’s handheld system uses Nintendo DS Browser implemented by Opera Software.

To directly find pages from a web site’s HTTPS or HTTP server, an internet connection (configured in Wii settings) is used by Internet Channel unlike Opera Mini products which use a network of proxy servers. Internet Channel uses Opera's Medium Screen Rendering technology and shows most web sites in the same way as its desktop counterpart.


The Opera-based Wii browser supports all the same web standards that are included in the Opera’s desktop versions, including JavaScript and CSSScript and therefore, allows users full access to the Web. The Internet Channel passes the Acid2 web browser test fully like Opera 9. It is also possible for the browser to use technologies like RSS, Ajax, and Adobe Flash. Opera Software also includes a great functionality which allows third parties to create web applications specifically designed for their usage on Wii browser. The company also stated that a few Wii video games can implement the use of the browser.

Wii browser was designed by Opera Software to match a ‘living room environment’ opposite to the looks of the Opera web browser on monitors of computer. This time fonts are made larger and a simple interface for easier use is implemented like the MSN TV’s style. Currently to see the detail on a webpage, the user can zoom in, along with animated transitions.

Users are also able to interact with Flash-based software by using a Wii Remote as Flash is supported by this browser. Therefore, many Wii-friendly Internet games have been gathered by many newly created or expanded websites. Internet Channel at this point also does not support Real Video content and Windows Media Player.

Due to the release of many third party APIs and SDKs, developers are able to read the Wii Remote buttons values in both Javascript and Flash. Therefore, softwares which earlier required keyboard controls can now be converted to be used with Wii Remote.

For input, a USB keyboard is also supported by the Internet Channel. A Wii system update and Internet Channel update, which was downloaded from a Wii Shop Channel added this functionality to Internet channel on 10 October, 2007.

From April 9, 2008, this browser is also used to stream BBC iPlayer videos Nintendo UK and the BBC made an exclusive deal to offer their catch-up service for the Wii. For easier access, BBC have also pondered at a possible distinct iPlayer Channel on the Wii Menu, rather than booting up the Internet Channel.

As of the 1 September 2009, Wii Internet Channel Upgrade, the BBC iPlayer did not work. This issue was acknowledged by BBC and then they started working on a fix. According to them, they plan to release a dedicated iPlayer channel on the 19 September 2009.

In May 2009 when it was started, when Internet Channel tries to access YouTube, the site is redirected to YouTube XL which is a Wii-friendly version of this popular video-sharing website.

Wii Remote button shortcuts are also supported by the Internet Channel which allows access to Favorites, Stop, Refresh, Search, and Enter webpage. The shortcuts are: Favourites B+down, Search B+left, Refresh B+up, WWW B+right.